How to upgrade Beatutiful Photo

Due to Microsoft not supporting transferring apps from one publisher account to another, we had to implement a mechanism that would allow you to keep your in app purchases.
If you are interested in more details as to how we do this, take a look over at this post

We tried to make the process as simple as possible but just in case you are having trouble, here are the steps you need to take:

Click generate code

Click Generate Code to begin the app transfer process

Wait for code

Wait for an activation code to be generated

Wait for confimation

Wait for confirmation of your in app purchase license transfer

 Install the new app

Write down your activation code

Click Upgrade to download the new app

Open up the restore option

Open  the menu from the start screen and click restore

Enter in activation codeEnter in the activation code from the previously

ActivateClick Activate

Wait for verificationWait for the activation code to be verified

Wait for successWait for you in app purchases to be restored

You are now ready to use the app again.  The activation code is a one time use only, if you need to install the app on a new device or for some reason uninstalled the app please use the Restore Purchases functionality.

If you encounter problems or need more help please contact support and we will try to help.