Trends in Mobile Phone Development in 2019 – #3 Security and Privacy

In recent years we’ve become used to tech companies regularly  having to put their hands up and admit to a data breach of one form or another. Notable examples include last year’s headlines having Facebook admitting to collecting the email contact details of 1.5 million people without their permission when new users signed up to use the app.

Similarly, this month has seen Instagram (also owned by Facebook) having red faces when it was revealed that 49 million records, including bio-data, profile pictures, number of followers  and contact details were allegedly published online. Events like these make it unsurprising that, according to the Pew Research Center, more than 90% of Americans admit to having lost control of how their personal information is used and collected.

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Foldable Mobile Screens

Trends in Mobile App Development in 2019 – #2 Folding Screens

Those of us who have been using mobile phones for the last ten years or more won’t have failed to notice one significant change over this time: almost with every new generation of phone their size has got bigger. As an example, the first iPhone, released in 2007, measured 4.5 by 2.4 inches; the latest iPhone X is more than twice as tall ( 5.65) and at 2.8 inches nearly half an inch wider.  This represents an increase of approximately 30 %, and with other manufacturers this development has been even more pronounced.

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Trends in Mobile App Development in 2019 – #1 5G Technology

Without doubt the most significant trend in mobile app development in 2019 will be the introduction of 5G (yes that’s the one currently causing problems for Huawei in the UK). Vodafone has set their date for its introduction in the UK for 3rd July. What’s the big deal you might ask, after all, the difference between 3G and 4G wasn’t so earth shattering, connection speeds just got a bit faster. That’s fair comment, but the difference between 4G and 5G will be of a completely different magnitude.

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Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Mobile App Development in 2016

What is Cross Platform App Development?

The mobile ecosystem in 2016 is split predominantly between Android and Apple.   Traditionally, if you wanted a mobile app on both platforms you would need to have the technical expertise, manpower and large budgets required to develop two completely separate applications on both platforms.

With “Cross Platform” mobile app development, you write the code once and in theory the application will run on multiple mobile device platforms. However, that’s just the theory and as we will see here, there is no silver bullet.  Each cross platform app technology has its own pros and cons.

Determining the right mobile app development solution to employ for your new business app depends upon a multitude of factors.

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Nokia Imaging SDK Gotchas – Artifacts in Filters

Recently we switched over our filter framework to the fantastic Nokia imaging SDK. 

We wrote our own framework back in the days of Windows Phone 7.

But despite tedious optimizations it didn’t offer the performance that we wished because it was written in a managed environment.

Nokia SDK to the rescue!

The transition to the SDK went smoothly, the API is simple and clean, yet very powerful.

After having implemented a number of effects, I discovered that some filters didn’t work as expected.

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