Trends in Mobile App Development in 2019 – #1 5G Technology

Without doubt the most significant trend in mobile app development in 2019 will be the introduction of 5G (yes that’s the one currently causing problems for Huawei in the UK). Vodafone has set their date for its introduction in the UK for 3rd July. What’s the big deal you might ask, after all, the difference between 3G and 4G wasn’t so earth shattering, connection speeds just got a bit faster. That’s fair comment, but the difference between 4G and 5G will be of a completely different magnitude.

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Super Illusion for Windows 8

Drug free vision-distorting experience

One of our developers had a few hours spare so came up with a nice little app to distort your vision. Just stare at the screen for around 30 seconds and then take a look around.
Super Illusion Effect
Dont worry the effect only lasts a few seconds.


Phototastic Tablet New Features

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A new version of Phototastic for Windows 8 was just released into the store.

Here’s a quick run down of the new features:

1. Add photos as stickers – also no limits to the number of photos you can add

2. Free mode – place and rotate your photos wherever you want

3. Add frames to individual photos

4. Add outside frame to the collage

5. More collage templates

6. New cheaper simplified pricing –  one purchase unlocks everything

The next update will include more collage and photo frames, we are also working an some video tutorials that will explain some of the features of Phototastic.

If there’s any area that you would like to see explained, just leave some feedback in the comments.

Status Post

One Million App Downloads

We’re very excited to announce that our Windows Phone applications have surpassed 1 million downloads in the Windows Store

This is a HUGE milestone for anyone in the industry and we are thrilled! We couldn’t be prouder or happier to provide mobile applications for so many satisfied users.

So a big thank you to our faithful user-base and those who have shared our products with others.

If you are just finding our blog and want to know more about our company please visit our website, check us out on Facebook, or leave a comment below.
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